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Attorney Seth McCormick is committed to putting the law to work for consumers and small businesses. If you are involved with a lender, collection agency, credit bureau or other creditor, he can help.

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How Seth Can Help You
Take Control Of Your Financial Future

Debt Defense Settlement

Debt Defense Settlement

Debt collection harassment

Debt Collection Harassment

Credit repair

Credit Repair

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Telephone Consumer Protection Act



Issues Affecting Seniors

Issues Affecting Seniors

A Lawyer Who Truly
Has Your Best Interest In Mind

Having represented financial institutions in the past, Seth understands the strategies they are likely to use against you and what the law requires him to do to counter them. He believes there are meaningful solutions for you that provide for an efficient and cost-effective resolution.

You Are Not Alone With Great Lakes Consumer Law

Whether creditors are harassing you or the bank is threatening foreclosure on your home, it is easy to feel like you are alone. Your creditors likely have a legal team working against you, which only adds to the pressure. Seth knows how to stop harassing phone calls, foreclosure and other predatory collections tactics. Let him help you find peace of mind and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

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