Real Problems Deserve Bold Solutions

Fight Back Against Predatory Lenders

Attorney Seth McCormick is a strong advocate for consumers and small businesses in the Midwest facing legal challenges from financial institutions. Seth’s previous experience litigating on behalf of creditors provides him with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of consumer law, including the myriad protections provided to entrepreneurs and consumers. Armed with this knowledge, Seth founded Great Lakes Consumer Law in 2019 to help people find resolutions to complex financial issues that mitigate both the cost and risk to his clients.

Seth also excels in helping those facing foreclosure and victims of unfair or deceptive trade practices. Seth’s experience representing hedge funds and banks has given him insight into collections practices at all levels, including publicly traded corporations or other complex financial issues. It was only a matter of time before Seth realized how these financial behemoths took advantage of everyday people, causing him to switch to “the other side” and help those who need it.

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The Harder They Fight, The More They Lose

It’s not surprising when creditors resort to aggressive debt collection tactics. These methods are designed to put undue amounts of pressure on consumers to take advantage of them. Seth thrives under these circumstances by turning the tables on financial institutions and using his practiced knowledge of consumer protection laws to secure a meaningful recovery for his clients. The best part is that these victories come at no cost to the client, as laws dictate that a bank, lender or debt collector must pay all legal fees.

Personalized Solutions For Every Client

Great Lakes Consumer Law is dedicated to making the law work for those it’s intended to protect. Seth McCormick aggressively advocates for his clients’ rights and will tenaciously pursue a favorable resolution. Contact Great Lakes Consumer Law at 312-815-6540 to schedule a consultation and explore the options available.