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Identity theft leads to credit score damage

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Credit Repair

Identity theft could cause all kinds of problems for the victims. If someone compromises someone’s identity and gains access to Illinois financial accounts, the victim’s credit report may end up destroyed. The situation might not be permanent, as there are steps someone may take to fix an identity theft-damaged report.

Fixing credit report problems

Preventive steps may help reduce the potential damage identity theft brings. Subscribing to an identity theft service might lead to receiving reports about unauthorized charges or the opening of new loans or bank accounts. Upon learning about such activity, the victim may take immediate steps to report the problem. Often, identity theft monitoring services assist those in need.

Anyone without subscriber-based assistance may need to do things on their own. Reporting incidents of identity theft to law enforcement seems advisable, and so does contacting any credit card company that displays unauthorized charges. Locking the cards keeps anyone from using them. Some credit card companies allow account holders to freeze a card with one tap on an app.

A further potentially worthwhile step involves placing a 90-day freeze on a credit report. The freeze should go into effect when someone claims an account has been compromised.

Reviewing a credit report

Performing a thorough check of a credit report might be helpful to those wishing to stay on top of things. A person might not be a victim of identity theft, but there could be false information that hurts a score. Contacting the credit report entity when discovering such mistakes is a common step toward repairing your credit.

Not everyone understands how to deal with credit reporting agencies. Some may face frustrations dealing with creditors seeking compensation from innocent identity theft victims. Those in such situations might hire representation to handle matters.