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Credit Repair To Help Consumers Move Forward

As people grow up and increase their personal spending, credit monitors begin to pay attention. Purchasing items with credit cards, applying for loans and paying off debt all impact a person’s score for good and bad. Responsible spending and paying bills on time should result in a slowly increasing credit score, but even small mistakes can have devastating setbacks. Whether through error or bad faith (fair credit reporting), it’s important for consumers to repair their scores as soon as possible to avoid the negative consequences.

At Great Lakes Consumer Law, Attorney Seth McCormick works closely with our clients to resolve issues and fix their poor credit standing. He can help consumers from any background dispute mistaken information with credit agencies, confront identity theft, inform budgeting and work with concerned lenders.

Leave The Hard Work To Us

Credit repair can take quite a long time and requires a significant amount of work, especially for those unfamiliar with financial institutions. If a consumer wishes to dispute erroneous information on their report, the credit bureau will often perform a full investigation. Depending on the results, this may extend the time it takes to repair a credit score, especially when working with several different credit bureaus.

Seth is ready to help chase down these errors and enforce corrective measures on his client’s behalf. Should a problem require legal action, Seth is prepared to file a dispute to fight back against these fraudulent practices. Seth takes this burden off his clients’ shoulders so they can focus on responsible credit usage and spending to help their score improve.

My credit took a major hit. Is there any way to fix it?

Suggestions on rebuilding your credit score after a major financial crisis is very similar to the advice you’d get to build your credit in the first place:

  • Maintain low balances on credit cards
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Pay off old debts
  • Limit new account applications

According to Experian, the FICO credit score calculates how likely a given person may let a bill go unpaid for 90 days. The credit bureaus look closely at your history to determine this. That is why credit ratings are so complicated, and there may be other factors that can provide additional relief. Speaking to one of our attorneys can help you find out the best plan to rebuild your credit rating.

A Better Credit Score Is Possible

There is no quick solution to repairing one’s credit, but there is always a solution. Call Seth of Great Lakes Consumer Law at 312-815-6540 to find a credit repair solution that works.