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How The Telephone Consumer Protection Act Works

For as long as telephones have existed, companies have tried to abuse them to sell products and take advantage of consumers. These direct lines into peoples’ lives have provided an invaluable asset to large companies, causing the government to act decisively and prohibit these predatory tactics under federal law. In 1991, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to stop this abuse in its tracks.

This is where Attorney Seth McCormick comes in. Leveraging his previous experience representing creditors, Seth turns that information around to help his clients. At Great Lakes Consumer Law, we understand the nuances of the TCPA and how they work to protect consumers.

What Exactly Does The TCPA Protect?

At the time of its signing, the TCPA combined two bills in Congress. Together, they protect consumers from:

  • Automated dialing equipment, robocalls and prerecorded messages.
  • “Live” telemarketer calls.
  • Unsolicited facsimile (fax) communications.

People experiencing these violations can reach out to Great Lakes Consumer Law to discuss their options.Seth can help bring a suit forward in local state court to pursue statutory damages that are paid directly to the consumer.

A Dedicated Defender Of Personal Rights

Debt collectors use these harassing tactics to bully debtors into feeling like they are completely alone and have no other option but to acquiesce to the creditor’s demands. Fortunately, Seth of Great Lakes Consumer Law is here to help. Call us now at 312-815-6540 to start fighting back against overly aggressive creditors and their agents.