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An Accurate Credit Score Is Essential For Consumers

Even people who pay all their bills on time and manage their credit responsibly may discover that their credit report says otherwise. Perhaps based on a technical error, outdated information or falsified data, negative information on these reports may impair a person’s ability to find an apartment, lease a car or even buy a home.

Attorney Seth McCormick understands how frustrating these inexplicable financial problems can become. At Great Lakes Consumer Law, Seth works with his clients to parse through this complex financial data and identify problems at the root. Informed by his previous experience advocating for debt collectors, he is intimately familiar with the nuances of credit and how to repair the damage done to consumers.

Your Rights Under The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Dealing with any financial organization is never easy, as the intricate web of its many rules and regulations is almost impossible to understand. This often puts consumers at the mercy of credit reporting agencies which may not have the consumer’s best interests in mind. Thankfully, Seth McCormick of Great Lakes Consumer Law does. With his representation, he helps enforce his client’s rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which include the right to:

  • Know the contents of their file
  • Request a credit score
  • Demand information be removed from the report
  • Seek damages from violators
  • Dispute inaccurate information
  • Correct the report
  • Refuse consent to send the report to an employer

Consumers have many other rights under the FCRA, but they all go toward protecting the consumer from undue harm. A single error on a credit report could have devastating consequences for the entire family.

Fix That Credit Report Today

The longer an error stays on a report, the worse it can get. Seth is ready to review  credit reports and get to work. He is available at Great Lakes Consumer Law by calling 312-815-6540 today.