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Fight Back Against Financial Harassment

Debt collectors can be some of the most aggressive institutions in the country. They often implement abusive tactics to bully lenders into repaying their loans by relying on their perceived upper hand and powerful backing. Fortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits debt collectors from engaging in abusive, deceptive and unfair practices. At Great Lakes Consumer Law, Attorney Seth McCormick leverages his previous experience representing financial institutions to stop these creditors from employing these illegal methods.

Common Violations Of The FDCPA

Debt collectors most often violate these federal protections in the following ways:

  • Threatening jail time over the alleged debt
  • Calling the debtor at inconvenient times or places, like at work
  • Failing to cease communication after being directed to do so
  • Contacting the debtor’s friends, families and colleagues
  • Yelling, swearing or using abusive language or tactics
  • Failing to provide important information about their debt collection firm
  • Using deceptive representations to coerce debt repayment, like imitating an official United States institution
  • Threatening legal action that is not available
  • Failure to disclose that the initial communication is an attempt to collect
  • Making false statements about the debtor’s character or status of the debt
  • Failure to validate the debt at initial contact

Debt collectors may use other tactics that violate these protections. Armed with the FDCPA, Great Lakes Consumer Law provides their clients with the power to defend themselves and stop creditor harassment in its tracks.

I thought I paid this debt, but I keep getting called. What’s going on?

Debt collectors work off a list of names and debts. Larger companies that use debt collection services often have a way of “losing payments.” If you have proof positive that you’ve paid a debt, you can use that to stop the calls. However, there’s also a chance that the debt collector will pursue you for a paid debt. This is one form of harassment, and you have every right to take a stand against it.

The Power To Fight Back

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