Real Problems Deserve Bold Solutions

Financial Solutions For All Kinds Of Debt

We have all seen how out-of-control debt can take over a person’s life. Even small bills can explode into overwhelming debt with no end in sight. A single mistake like missing a deadline or underpaying can have a devastating impact that threatens to compromise a person’s, or family’s, livelihood.

Enter attorney Seth McCormick and Great Lakes Consumer Law. Here, we passionately fight for consumers facing insurmountable debt. Leveraging his previous experience advocating for creditors, Seth can help alleviate these concerns and guide his clients toward working solutions without extreme measures like bankruptcy or selling valuable assets.

It’s Not Too Late To Fight Back

To many people, a large amount of debt can seem impossible to overcome. This feeling, combined with worry and embarrassment, may cause people to ignore the debt and make it worse. No matter how bad it looks, the sooner we act, the sooner we can find a resolution. Great Lakes Consumer Law can help draft settlements for the following kinds of debt:

  • Motor vehicle loans
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Unsecured lines of credit
  • Credit card debt and collection accounts
  • Medical bills
  • Legal judgments

Alongside debt relief, Seth McCormick can also help fight back against predatory collections agents and deceptive practices that may be related to the outstanding debt.

How Debt Settlement Works

Many consumers are surprised to learn just how many debts can be settled for less than what is owed. Primarily, the settlement process establishes monthly payments that work for the family’s budget. Additionally, agreeing to a settlement puts an immediate stop to debt collectors’ harassing calls and letters. Settlements can also prevent people from having to file for bankruptcy.

I just received a court summons over a debt. What should I do?

One of the methods for debt collection is litigation. A creditor can sue you to recover from debt. However, you have the right to retain counsel to fight for you even if you are possibly delinquent on a debt. Contacting an attorney can provide you with highly relevant information on the process and help you stay in control of your issue.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

I don’t even know my credit score. What should I do?

Credit score is one of the cornerstones of the banking and finance world with which we all must engage. Your credit score is a representation of how you’ve interacted with creditors. If you do not know where you stand, that’s fine. You have the option to pursue a credit report.

However, that credit report is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which restricts credit bureaus’ use of your financial information. The FCRA provides you with several rights that you may utilize to secure and defend your credit rating. Speaking with an attorney on this process will help you build an effective plan if your credit score is less than optimal.

We Can Help Find Peace Of Mind

Those facing overwhelming debt can contact attorney Seth McCormick by calling Great Lakes Consumer Law at 312-815-6540 to discuss their options. We are ready to work directly with the creditors and advocate on our clients’ behalf to allow them to find the space to breathe.